Events Garden & Entertainment Palace

3 Star rated Palace which offers the following services: Accommodation, administration, halls, day spar massage, indoor and outdoor swimming pools,  photo shoot gardens, braai site, restaurant and bar services, VIP section with enough parking

What We Do?

Some of our services


The Ndlelanhle and Bharhuza halls are on the western side of the Palace. The latter has a capacity of more than twice the former. These halls are ideal for conferences, marriages, meetings, functions etc. 

Day spar massage

Where you can make yourself a priority once in a while, diamond day spar offers the best.

Swimming Pools

In the terminal vicinity of the Palace there are the four pools, 3 outdoor and 1 indoor as already explained surrounded by the explicit garden suitable for photo shoot and relaxation. From the pools’ position one enjoys the view of the entire Palace and surrounding areas

Photo Shoot Gardens

We have already explained our Palace’s garden suitable for matrimonial ceremonies for a garden wedding and general relaxation, braai and entertainment.

Restaurant and Bar Services

The building opposite the cinemas is a combination of restaurant and bar. It has indoor and outdoor facilities. There is also a demarcation of smoking and non-smoking areas.


This section is made of the hair salon and 14 other accommodation rooms. The area is also equipped with parking bays that can accommodate more than one vehicle.

Office space

On the east of the accommodation stands a building that can accommodate more than one medical practitioner.

Indoor pool

We have one indoor pool that can accommodate up to 30 people for your desired private parties


In this office a client finds friendly capable staff that gives you the information.


There are two cinemas next to each other. Ticket and snack areas in each are big enough to cater for the visiting crowds.

Dedicated To Making You Happy

Not only great team but we have the best facilities.